GCL Owes SD County Over $1 Million in Property Taxes

Our review of County Tax records shows that GCL, LLC, the new owner of the Gregory Canyon property, owes more than $1 million in property taxes on the property and that no property taxes have been paid since June of 2012.  Even so, the County LEA has continued to vigorously support the project and its proponents in court and in administrative actions.

Our letter to the County, which is attached, addresses the tax issue along with a ruling by CalRecycle finding that GCL’s proposed demolition of 52 structures on the property constitutes the start of construction of the proposed landfill.  The decision requires that the County LEA ensure that GCL complies with the conditions of its solid waste facility permit and CEQA mitigation measures before starting any work on the project.

As for the tax issue, because permits from other County agencies will be required for any work on the property, the letter urges all County agencies to refuse to process any permit applications related to work on the property until GCL pays the unpaid property taxes in full.

As a taxpayer, you have a right to be outraged by the favorable treatment given the developer. Express your displeasure by contacting any of the agencies listed in the letter.

Letter to San Diego County on delinquent property taxes