Save Gregory Canyon

The proposed 300-acre Gregory Canyon landfill site is located in northern San Diego County on State Route 76 (SR 76), approximately three miles east of Interstate 15 (I-15) and two miles southwest of the community of Pala. The pristine undeveloped canyon is adjacent to the San Luis Rey River and lies along the western slope of Gregory Mountain. The Gregory Canyon landfill project threatens major detrimental impacts to both surface and groundwater, as well as a potential compromise of the two major San Diego County Water Authority pipelines nearby. The proposed landfill site is also located just at the base of two important cultural sacred sites of the local Luiseno people. There is no water supply for the project and there are several endangered species in the environment. Approximately 20 years ago, San Diego County conducted several public landfill site selection processes to determine the best location for a new landfill. In each process, Gregory Canyon was proposed by its property owner, and was repeatedly rejected. In 1994, Gregory Canyon Ltd., the landfill proponents, abandoned the County's site selection process and used a deceptive and countywide ballot initiative to authorize a landfill on the site if all permits were obtained for the project. Even after 15 years, the proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill has not obtained any of its permits. It is time to pull the plug on the inappropriate landfill site. We encourage you to explore the fact sheets and background in more detail to find out more information about why Gregory Canyon should be preserved and the devastating consequences that will take place if this project is allowed to be developed.

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